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All activities are at your own risk.


The craggy coastal landscape in the surrounding area of Baška is captivating and attracts many visitors. In order for lovers of mountain heights to be able to enjoy walking and hiking in the countryside, the tourist trails of Baška have been tidied up and signposted. There are a total of 19, which have a total length of over 80 km.

There are both easy and difficult demanding trails, so that everyone can choose a trail according to their abilities, desires and mood. When you reach the peaks, you will be offered a breathtaking view from one of the beautiful viewpoints.

For safety reasons, it is good to have a map of the paths that describes them and offers useful relevant information. These maps also tell walkers what they can expect on their trip. At the end of the trail that takes you to Vela Luka, you can treat yourself to lunch at the snack bar on the beautiful beach in the most attractive bay in the surrounding area.

Have a good time on the hiking trails of Baška, and don’t forget to take your camera. Look after the environment too, so other visitors can enjoy these natural beauties as well.

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  • TZ Baška - planinarenje Veli Vrh-Škujica


Dear guests,

As early as some fifteen years ago, Baška Municipal Tourism Office marked the promenades of Baška assisted by the Czech guide Vaclav Tupy and the Czech Mountaineering Society, to offer the guests and visitors of Baška a more eventful and active summer vacation.

Nowadays, we boast nineteen promenades with the total length of over 90 km, available to tourists year-round.

Apart from the map of the promenades, this year also saw the printing of the GUIDE TO PROMENADES, conceived to guide the visitor to certain control points, with the guide itself serving as a diary.

Visit to individual control points is proved by placement of a seal on the designated place in the diary.

Anyone who presents a diary containing the seals from all control points to the Baška Municipal Tourism Office (kralja Zvonimira 114) will receive a symbolic prize for his/her efforts and get to keep the diary as keepsake.
When visiting the control points, visitors need to bring along an ink cushion available for rent (40,00 kn deposit) at the Baška Municipal Tourism Office.
The guide is available at request, in Croatian and English, free of charge.

Have a pleasant stroll along our promenades and an enjoyable stay in Baška!
Baška Municipal Tourism Office

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All activities are at your own risk.

Bicycle route:

Zarok-Draga Bašćanska
Trail length: 11,1 km
Total climb: 157 m
The trail goes along a gravel and asphalt surface.
The trail is appropriate for beginners, recreational cyclers and families with children.

MTB Bicycle route

Trail Mjesečeva staza (Moon Path), Baška
Trail length: 24 km
Total climb: 690 m
The ride goes mainly along a dirt path, a gravel trail and 3 km of asphalt.
The MTB route is technically challenging.

Portafortuna track
Trail length: 11 km
Total climb: 327 m
The ride goes along a gravel trail and single track trails.
The MTB route is technically challenging.

photo Vedran Metelko/Copyright: Adria Bike 

Photo Ante Marković

All activities are at your own risk.

IMG_5502 copy
Photo: Elvis Vikić


The climbing area of Baška is part of the tourist offer for an active holiday which can be enjoyed by all generations. Thanks to the natural and climatic conditions in the Baška surroundings, there are high rocks which are a real attraction for free climbing lovers. Three sports climbing areas are on offer in Baška with more than 100 equipped routes of all difficulties.


is a small attractive climbing spot located in the FKK Bunculuka naturalist camp site. Ten routes of medium difficulty have been set up for an afternoon of climbing, for example, after taking a swim or relaxing on the beach. Climbing is possible all throughout the year.

PORTAFORTUNA climbing spot

is located along the barrier of vertical rocks at the entrance to the Baška valley. Excellent rock, divided into four sectors with routes between 12 and 40 metres long of low and medium difficulty.
Ideal season for climbing is from March until December.


is a large, new climbing spot with several sectors that still offer a number of places for new routes of all difficulties. It is located on the same hillside as the Portafortuna routes, but nearer to Baška itself. Sectors are oriented towards different sides so that visitors can choose between sunny and shady rock to climb from morning until evening.  The sectors mostly consist of easier routes and as such it’s perfect for recreational climbers. The view will leave you breathless! Ideal season: from March until December.


For more information you can refer to Boris Čujić’s Croatia climbing guide, pages 212- 224.


IMG_5368 copy

Photo: Elvis Vikić


All activities are at your own risk.

Diving is definitely one of the most attractive water sports.
The exceptionally clean and rich sea provides unforgettable moments for lovers of the underwater world.


+ 385 51 856 034
mob:+385 99 336 2223

The best thing you can do for your body and soul that makes you feel happier, healthier, fitter and more fulfilled is sport and recreation.

Wind water sports 

Address: Pod Marjan (next to Vihor Sailing Club), Baška

Address: Vihor Sailing Club, Palada 1A, Baška
Marinko Hrabrić :
+385 98 369-350
 +385 51 856-194
Rent: Standup paddleboarding and Surfboards


Zipline Edison is a distinctive attraction on the island of Krk and the whole of Croatia, intended for families and adventure lovers. It is located on the Treskavac bend, along with the state road D102, near the famous Glagolitic Trail.

The “canopy tour” offers our visitors an unforgettable experience; driving our jeep, walking among memorable landscapes and zip lining, all ranging more than 2 km.

How to reach Zipline Edison: Treskavac is located between the town of Krk and Baska. It is possible to come by car or bus.

Price: 390 kn

Booking: Contact +38598626061 or upon arrival

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Appropriate attire: comfortable clothing, shorts, and t-shirts, hiking boots or sneakers.

In the case of bad weather, reservations are postponed for another day for safety reasons.

No physical prerequisites required.


ZPLINE EDISON, Treskavac, Krk
+385 98 626061
GPS: 45°1’40.33″S , 14°40’38.78″I