Weather and climate


You will be DEEPLY impressed by the wealth of unspoilt nature.
Baška has all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate – pleasant springs, warm summers with little rainfall, gentle autumns and windy winters.

In the summer, sea temperature can rise to 25 C, and the swimming season lasts from May to October.
Characteristic winds that mark the seasons in Baška are  mostly the “bora”, a wind that dominates in winter, the “sirocco” in spring and autumn, and the “maestral”, or north-westerly wind, in summer.

Did you know?
The most pleasant month with stable weather conditions is July – it is the warmest and sunniest month with clear skies. The highest temperatures in July can reach 36 C (1998).September has enjoyable weather, typical for late summer and early autumn. The average monthly temperature is 20 C and it is still warm enough for bathing. This is also the vintage time of the year.
Baška has 2500 hours of sunshine per year.The average air temperature is 22 C and the sea temperature is 25 C.