Baška’s glagolitic alphabet trail


An interesting history that dates back to the prehistoric period, astounding sights dominated by the 1800m long pebble beach, Vela plaža, and kilometers of mountain trails leading to unique landscapes such as the Moon plateau, an entire century of tourism and numerous customs; all waiting to be discovered in Baška – a small place with big traditions.

The Baška glagolitic trail will lead you through winding cobbled streets and the many wonders nature has to offer. It is the best way to discover the stories that shaped Baška and its trademark, the glagolitic script, an invaluable piece of our culture and history. This guide along Baška’s Glagolitic alphabet trail will present you with all the sculptures and Glagolitic alphabet letters as well as with the Baška Valley throughout which the sculptures can be found. During your encounter, you will be helped by the Glagolitic alphabet, with each letter and sign’s meaning, as well as with a map of the area with signposts to the location of each sculpture.


Luka Tabako


There are 34 stone sculptures with sculpted glagolitic letters; four of larger dimensions, and the work of the academic sculptor Ljubo De Karine, and thirty taking smaller dimensions, created during the Baška sculptors workshop. The mentor and artistic director of the project is Ljubo De Karina. The project took between 4 to 5 years to complete. Within this series of sculptures, there is a 35th one, which is a sculpture dedicated to glagolitics and glagolitic writers. All the sculptures are adorned with a brass plaque. This is placed on the sculpture’s plinth and shows the traditional letter of the sculpture, the name of the sculptor, the Latin translation of the letter, an inscription in Braille, and the name of the person whose donation funded the sculpture. The BGS project was started by the Sinjali Association from Baška, and  finished in 2009.


Luka Tabako


Baška glagolitic trail





Luka Tabako