Our specialities

Foto: St. Valter

For 8 persons

  • lamb meat with bones 2.50 kg
  • onions 800 g
  • fresh tomatoes 200 g
  • oil 150 ml
  • garlic 3- 4 cloves
  • local wine 150 ml
  • salt, pepper, parsley and bay leaves to your liking

Chop the onions finely and fry them in oil until golden. Add meat cut in chunks with garlic, tomatoes and other spices. Simmer. Add a little flour and wine. Regulate the quantity of sauce, season to your liking.

Valcići (šurlice)

  • flour 600 g
  • eggs 1- 2
  • ground homemade cheese 150 g
  • oil 80 ml
  • water and salt as necessary

Make dough out of flour, salt, eggs and water. It should be quite hard. Let it rest for a while. Roll it, cut into small pieces and form little cylinders using a knitting needle. They should be 7- 8 cm long, 10 at the most. Carefully remove them from the needle so that they remain hollow in the middle. Dry them a little and cook in salted water. Drain them and put into a bowl and pour the sauce over them. Sprinkle with grated cheese, set the meat beside them.



You can serve this stew with potato dumplings, homemade noodles or similar side dishes.

Ingredients for 6:

  • 30 salted fish (sardines or anchovies)
  • 2 dcl olive oil
  • 100 g onion

Clean the salted fish, lay them on a plate and cover with olive oil. Place the sliced onion by the fish and serve.

Ingredients for 6:

  • 1 dcl olive oil
  • half a kilo of rice
  • cuttlefish ink
  • one onion
  • parsley, salt and pepper
  • 1 dcl sherry
  • grated sheep’s cheese

Sauté  the finely chopped onion in olive oil. When it turns golden, add the rice, cuttlefish ink and fish stock, sherry, salt and pepper. Cook until the rice becomes soft enough, and at the end add parsley and grated sheep’s cheese.


  • half a kilo of flour
  • 2 eggs
  • baking powder, one sachet
  • castor sugar
  • oil, salt

Make a dough of all the ingredients (except the oil), roll out fairly thin and cut into various shapes, and fry until  golden. Drain well. Sprinkle with sugar  while still warm and serve.