Educational trail Baška-Zarok-Batomalj-Pod Lipicu


The educational trail has been designed to show, in addition to the ethnological diversity, also the biodiversity of endemic species (flora and fauna) of our region.

Length of the trail: 6 km
Difference in altitude: 0-270 m
Duration of the tour: 2,5 h
Difficulty: easy

The history and life of a place can only be understood if you truly experience the environment in which they were created. Six kilometers of the educational path ˝Baška – Zarok – Batomalj -Pod Lipica˝ allow just that, a walk through the unique landscape of the Baška valley, its history and tradition. A 2.5 hour walk will introduce you to the historical stories and natural phenomenons that formed Baška we know today, from the unique sandstone of Zarok and the distinctive features of Vela rika water stream, to the historical heritage of Batomalj and the sanctuary of Our Lady of Gorica.

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Here you can download PDF Educational trail Baška-Zarok-Batomalj-Pod lipicu.